We love free travel activities and inspirational ideas for keeping kids entertained.  Here’s a round up of 4 great printables we came across recently a couple of which we’ve added our own spin to and which we thought you might appreciate.

1.  Paper City Print Outs

Courtesy of made by Joel – travel size paper city Paris

I first discovered made by joel via the fab crafty site for kids – RedTed Art and fell in love with this gorgeous travel sized paper city print out of Paris.   There are stacks more paper city print outs and free colouring sheets on the site.  You could print them out before you go and give them to the kids to cut out and keep them entertained while you are in a cafe, restaurant or on your travels.

2. I Spy Bubblewrap

Travel bubblewrap game courtesy of www.apartmenttherapy.com

Travel bubblewrap game courtesy of www.apartmenttherapy.com

Love this quirky twist on a traditional I spy game.   If you’ve any oversized bubble wrap handy you should definately try this for your next car journey.  The kids will love it.  Instead of ticking items off as they spot them they get to pop the bubble wrap instead.  Full instructions on how to make a recycled bubble wrap travel game are over on the original blog post.  If you don’t fancy drawing your own pictures you could always print out our I spy sheet here and put the bubble wrap over the top.

3.  Magnetic Characters Print Out


Toy Story Print Outs courtesy of www.family.go.com

Toy Story Print Outs courtesy of www.family.go.com

We’ve blogged before about how useful magnetic sheets can be for creating your own travel games.  Here’s another idea you can try.  Why not print out a set of your child’s favourite characters like these stand up Toy Story characters from the Disney Family website and stick them onto magnetic sheeting?  It’s really not that time consuming and if your child loves character play this will keep them amused for ages in the car.  Before you set off on your next journey all you’ll need to do is whisk out a baking tray from your kitchen cupboard and your young traveller will have their very own stage to act out their imaginative adventures with their favourite characters.  And the best bit?  Because it’s magnetic the bits and pieces won’t keep slipping to the floor.  Genius!

4.  Alphabet I Spy

I Spy Alphabet Print Out from www.iheartorganizing.blogspot.co.uk

I Spy Alphabet Print Out from www.iheartorganizing.blogspot.co.uk

We sometimes play this without a printout by just working our way through each letter of the alphabet as we spot things out of the window.  But if you want a bit of time out and to just give the children an activity they can do by themselves then a print out like this beautiful coloured one which we found here on IHeartOrganizing could be just what you are after.  You can either get the children to work through them in order from A-Z, or to jot things down and fill up the letters in any order as they spot things.  It’s great for writing practice and spelling.  And, if they’re having trouble with a few tricky letters you could bend the rules a little bit and allow 2 or 3 ‘free letters’.

We’d love to hear what you think and if you have a favourite travel game to share.

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