We love children’s suitcases.  That’s what we do here at KidsTravel2 so we’re bound to.

I spoke to a Grandmother this week who bought  suitcases for her 2 grandsons just so they had their own special bag when they came to visit and this reminded me why suitcases make such great presents.

1.  You can fill a children’s suitcases with even more presents

‘I’m looking forward to packing my son’s monkey present up with all his other presents’, explains one customer who bought the Paul Frank monkey suitcase for her son.  ’It’ll be like a big game of pass the parcel!’

2.  Children’s suitcases make a fun and practical gift

‘I don’t want a faddy gift that they’re going to grow out of.’  We have a lot of people saying this to us.  Children’s suitcases are a fun yet highly practical present that is appreciated by parents and children alike.  So if you’re looking for a present that’s going to retain it’s appeal after the wrapping paper has been cleared away and one which will be appreciated throughout the year, this is a great option.

3.  They encourage independence

As parents perhaps one of our greatest roles is to support our children as they head towards their own independent life.  Giving your child their own case will make them feel important and special –  their very own space for keeping their toys, clothes and books organised as you head off on your travels together.

4. You’ll get your own space back

We saved the best till last… if they have their own bag you can reclaim the space in yours for you!  I have been down the route of bag sharing and know what it’s like to end up with a small cramped space amongst the lego, books and teddies for a change of underwear and a toothbrush ; )

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2 Responses to Why Children’s Suitcases Make a Great Present

  1. Betty Jones says:

    This article is very true, my daughter loves her Trunkie! She uses it for sleep overs, holidays and transporting her dolls around the house. Best present ever.

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