Another simple game for all ages that it’s good to have up your sleeve to avert a travel meltdown.

Aim of the game:

Fun way of exploring what your travelling companions really like and don’t like.

Suitable for age:

4 +

Number of players:

2 + (best with 2)

How to play:

1.  Player 1  chooses 2 things like ‘chocolate and cheese’.

2.  The other players just have to say which they prefer!  Simple.


  • Here are some ideas to try – choose categories like fruit, animals, colours, clothes, music – and then pick 2 items from each category for your opponent to choose from.
  • Have some fun – choose 2 things you know your opponent doesn’t like and force them to choose one, for example ‘homework or washing up?’
  • Great for encouraging younger children to make decisions and it’s surprising what you learn!

Do you have a favourite travel game you love to play?  We’d love you to share it below, thanks…

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