We’ve given you car games galore and advised you to mix activities up to keep things fresh.  Now throw these 5  tips into the mix too and bored kids will be a thing of the past

1.  Change Seats

Simple, but effective.   Why not switch car seat positions for part of the journey?  A different view & perspective can make all the difference to young travellers.

2.  Music Controller

Take it in turns to control what’s on the radio, CD player or your in car music system.  Let the children choose 2 tunes each and swap over.

3.  Ask Me Anything

Instead of seeing the journey as time to be killed put a positive spin on it and try to enjoy the time you have together.  We sometimes throw the doors open to the kids when they tire of playing games and say ‘Ok, you can ask me anything you want and I’ll answer you’.  They love this for some reason and we’ve had some really interesting chats as a result of it.

4. Close Your Eyes

Not to sleep but to see if they can tell where you are.  My children love this.  It only really works if you are driving a route they know well.  They have to keep their eyes closed and try and tell you where they are by using their powers of judgement rather than their sight.  You can ask them questions like ‘Have we passed the shops yet?’.  We sometimes play this where 1 child closes their eyes and the other gets to ask the questions – try it – they think its hilarious.

5.  Backseat Drivers

Works well with younger ones.  Talk them through what you’re doing.  ’Now I’m indicating, now I’m changing gear’.  Get them to mime and join in with you so they feel like they’re driving.  Ask them questions such as ‘Oh, there’s some traffic lights ahead – what should we do?’  or ‘There’s a man on his bike in front – what shall I do?’  It’s a great way of increasing road safety awareness as well as passing time on a journey.

Do you have a favourite travel tip or game to share?  We’d love to hear it…

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