We made up this game the other day while waiting for our lunch to arrive.  I had taken my niece, aged 14, and children, aged 7 and 4, out for a quick lunch.  It turned out to be a long wait.  We had to come up with something fast – the kids had already downed their drinks and were itching to get down and run around while other people close by were trying to enjoy a peaceful meal.  Been there?

It was one of those pit stop pubs with numbered wooden spoons to show your table number.  This was the only prop in reach.  Luckily I had a lightbulb moment and invented ‘The Wooden Spoon Game’.

3 pairs of curious eyes looked at me, suspending judgement until I had explained what to do.

‘OK, all you need to do is guess what the spoon is’  I said and grabbed it miming a song into it.

‘Microphone!’ shouted my 7 year old, eyes lighting up and reaching out for his go.  Phew, I had fired their imaginations.

You’d think you’d run out of ideas but they just kept on coming.   We had hairdryer, deodrant, toothbrush, recorder, pendulum ……

Unfortunately it took 40 minutes for our food to arrive but the children weren’t bored at all and wanted to carry on playing.

You could play this game with any prop you had to hand while trying to entertain the kids during a long wait.  You could even play it in the car, train or plane.

When I asked my 4 year old the best bit of the day later on she said ‘The wooden spoon game’.

 Do you have any favourite games you play to keep boredom at bay?

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2 Responses to The Wooden Spoon Game

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  2. Thomson Toys says:

    What a great game. We love to play eye spy whilst waiting around.

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