Have you read The Sand Horse written by Ann Turnbull and beautifully illustrated by Michael Foreman?

It captures the ephemeral beauty of sand sculptures as the sand horse created on St Ives beach by a local artist longs to join the white horses out at sea.  We were sent it by an elderly Cornish aunt who is proud of her roots and always sends us great books – the children love it.

We made a mermaid at the water’s edge after we read it with a tail made of shells and flowing seaweed locks.  Then we sat and had a picnic as the tide came in and washed over her.   We imagined her gradually swimming out to sea and made stories up about where she was going.  Who was she swimming with and would she come back to visit us again the next time we came down to the beach?

This really captured the imagination of my 4 year old daughter and now whenever we’re near sand, even at the park, she urges me ‘Mummy, mummy, let’s make a mermaid again.’

Going to the beach doesn’t always have to entail lugging bags of buckets and spades with you.  We’re lucky enough to live near the beach and often pop down with minimal clobber after play school for an hour or two even if the weather’s not that great.  We’ve had loads of fun creating pictures in the sand with what we’ve found around us – smiley lions with manes made of seaweed and family portraits with eyes and ears made from shells.

And, if you’re feeling very ambitious just take a look at this amazing video which takes sand sculpture to a whole other level.

Have you ever tried your hand at sand scultping?  What did you make?

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2 Responses to Sand Horses And Beach Sculptures

  1. Emma says:

    Sounds like a lovely book, and those sculptures are amazing! I love how beaches capture the imagination whatever age you are! Thanks for joining us over at Loveallblogs Travel this week! Emma :)

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