Every month we’re going to be interviewing a mum or dad about their holiday experience with kids and get a sneaky peek into what they like to take away with them in their suitcase.  To kick things off I thought I’d answer a few questions myself. Like to take part? Just drop me a comment below or on twitter @kidstravel2.

Introducing me

This is me.  Julia, mum of 2 and owner of KidsTravel2.

about us 2

What is your favourite type of holiday to go on with kids?

Holidays pre kids and post kids are pretty different.  It used to be all about suiting yourself and packing lots of things in.  When the children came along things changed.  The pace of life was at once faster and slower – earlier rises but the day  was  broken up with lots of feeds, sleeps and all the routines, or lack of routines, that life with a new baby brings.  In those early days we switched holidaying abroad to calmer trips away in the UK.  The children are older now so things are much more flexible.  I love taking the kids to places that we have been before and that mean something to us, like showing them France and Spain where I lived for several years.  It’s also been fun rediscovering camping with them and I think this is probably their favourite kind of holiday.

Are you going away this year?

We’re off to Normandy in France and mixing up a week in a cottage with a few days camping.  Can’t wait to get my fix of French language, fresh baguettes straight from the bakers and gorgeous red wine.

What’s your best / worst / funniest holiday experience?

With children I think one of the most trying experiences was when we were flying to Madrid and picking up a hire car to go to Segovia to stay in a beautiful place I’d found online.   My husband did his back in the day before we left and I somehow managed negotiating the airports and doing the lions share of the ‘lugging’ with a 3 year old, 1o month old, several rucksacks and a Phil ‘n’ Teds.  I suppose if that’s the worse then we’re not doing too badly!

Actually just remembered (how could I forget) an awful ferry crossing we had once to France.  We had barely set sail when my son, then 17 months, was sick everywhere.  I then realised that all our spare clothes were firmly packed and locked up in the boot of the car.  Between us we managed to strip down layers of clothing so we were all wearing something…. until it happened again.  That was the longest ferry crossing of my life and the worst start to a holiday ever!

Do you have a top travel tip to share about going away with kids?

Oh yes, plenty  :) check out our travel tips so far!

What’s your favourite game to play in the car with the children?

I think our personal favourite is the humming game I name that tune – we always have a laugh and it’s good for all ages.

What 3 things would you most like to take away with you in your suitcase?

1.  Earplugs  - when I taught in Spain and lived a nocturnal lifestyle I started wearing these to block out the noise from the primary school our flat was opposite.  I can’t sleep without them now!

2.  A good book – dull choice maybe but I love reading and always pack a few books whenever we go away.  Am always over ambitious and take too many as I only seem to get the chance to read once the kids are in bed.

3.  Indulgent lotions & potions – I always promise myself am going to look after myself when I’m away and get some ‘me’ time.  I slip in lovely creams and bubble baths I have been given for gifts and never got round to using.

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