Who says you need loads of clobber when you go to the beach?  Sometimes it’s good to travel light.  On a recent trip to the Isle of Wight to visit my parents who were on holiday there we went for a short walk with nothing more than a couple of buckets and spades and found plenty to do.

As often is the case, the less ready made entertainment you have to hand the more your imagination has to kick in and use what resources you have available.  So next time you’re on the beach and you’ve had enough of digging holes and making sandcastles here’s an idea for a fun activity.

The video clip explains it all really but simply choose a target and throw or roll your pebbles the closest.

Needless to say make sure you have plenty of space especially if your shot is anything like mine.    Right, health and safety warning over, now go and have fun!

What games do you like to play on the beach?

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4 Responses to Free Children’s Beach Game – Stone Marbles

  1. Mama Pea Pod says:

    Stopping by from the Play Academy….what a nice time you seemed to have. I agree – get them outside with minimal props and let their imagination take them on new adventures!

    • julia says:

      Thanks for the visit – I often find it’s the simpler the better, and the activities I have packed to bring along are left in the bag as we make new games up!

  2. Great idea – and the beach looks lovely. (We play a version of this at Easter with hard boiled eggs!)

  3. julia says:

    The eggs version sounds interesting!

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