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Haven’t done a post for The Gallery for a while as have just been madly busy.  When I saw the ‘chilled out’ theme this picture immediately sprang to mind so here I am posting it!  It’s one of my favourite pictures of the children – it’s a year or so old now but I just love it.  They had been haring around in the garden and suddenly reached ‘the wall’ (doesn’t happen very often!).  They flopped down on the slope in our front garden just gazing up at the clouds, long enough to grab the camera and snap this.

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6 Responses to Chilled Out

  1. Now that’s what I call ‘chilled out’. I can see why you love this snap.

  2. Blue Sky says:

    I used to love lying on the ground and looking at the sky as well :)

  3. Wonderful picture and beautiful, really beautiful children.

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