don't cross the lineThis is a game I can remember playing as a child and which I am now pleased to be passing on to my own children. Call me old fashioned but it is sometimes refreshing to have a break from being plugged in to a gaming application, music system or portable dvd player for entertainment. These games are all about interaction with each other, having fun and require nothing more than a pen or pencil and piece of paper. What’s more, it’s perfect for when you are on the move or waiting for a plane or train. Pencils at the ready!

Aim of the game:

To connect the x’s marked on the page by your opponent without crossing a line.

Suitable for age:

4 +

Number of players:


How to play:

  1. Player 1 marks 2 x’s on a blank piece of paper.
  2. Player 2 has to connect the 2 x’s with a single line – it can be as straight or as wiggly as you like, but the pen must not be removed from the paper.
  3. Player 2 then marks 2 x’s for player 1 to connect, which must be done without crossing any of the previous lines marked on the page.
  4. Play continues in this way.
  5. The first to cross a line is the loser, or you could play with 3 lives – the first to all 3 lives loses and the other player wins.

Good for:

  • pencil control
  • planning
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